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Ercules 15

Ercules 15 Tracked Forklift

Tracked forklift for lifting up to 1500kg

The Ercules 15 Tracked forklift is larger than the lower models Ercules 10 and 13, carrying loads up to 1500 kg, it, too, keeping smaller sized rubber tracks ideal for all terrains and slopes up to 20°.
The extendable carriage allows the vehicle to change its range of movement, offering greater versatility for loading and unloading and working in areas with a narrow entrance; the powerful rubber tracks facilitate unloading and transport of materials on soft or uneven ground like gravel, sand, mud, and snow.
Comes with 27 hp B&S Vanguard 27 twin 896 cm3 gasoline engine selected for its outstanding performance and reliability with less consumption.

Why Choose Ercules 15

Built at TrackedMachines according to the same high standards as the minidumper range and just like the other machines employing the Tracked Machines high-performance tracked chassis, designed to last under tough conditions.
The vehicles offer outstanding performance, reliability, resistance, and long product life also thanks to the use of Strenx high-strength steel with high-quality powder coating.

  • Ercules 15 lets you transport up to 1500 kg on any type of terrain like: muddy and slippery ground, sand, and snow, and gives you stability even on an incline.
  • The option to close or extend the carriage further improves the stability and maneuverability of the vehicle.
MotorB&S Vanguard 27 gasoline 896cm3
Starting system:Electric
Engine power (kW-HP):20.14-27 @3600rpm
Rubber track dimensions (mm):230x72x57
Carriage type:Extendable
Load capacity (Kg):1500
Loading height (mm):1800
Speed 1 / Speed 2 / Optional Speed 3 (Km/h):1.7 / 3.2 / 4.0
Machine weight (Kg):1600
Operator position:On board
Max gradient:20°
White rubber tracksYES
Side shifterYES (800mm)
Hour meterYES
3rd speedYES (in place of 1 connection)
Additional hydraulic connectionsYES, 2 (or 1 if opting for 3rd speed)