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Stark 5

Stark 5 Minidumper

Maximum transport 500Kg

The Stark 5 tracked dumper was conceived in an attempt to create a combination of compactness and high load capacity.
Stark 5 is in fact the ideal vehicle for getting around in tight, difficult spaces without having to cut down on the volume transported.
The rubber tracks also let you do transportation over any type of terrain, while always guaranteeing optimal grip.

The main characteristic of the Stark 5 is the vehicle’s remarkable versatility of use with a broad range of exchangeable kits for the basic unit, allowing you to take full advantage of the vehicle’s potential.
Equipped with rapid release, each kit lets you reconfigure the machine easily and in just a few minutes.

The Stark 5 tracked dumper’s strengths are:

  • Modern and functional design;
  • Use of long-lasting, quality materials like high-strength steels and high-quality parts;
  • Strength and reliability;
  • Adaptability to any type of load or conditions;
  • Impressive performance with low management costs;
  • Many different outfitting options and all-encompassing versatility.

The vehicle is equipped with 196cm3 or 270cm3 Honda motors with pull start; by request, you can get an electric start and an hour meter.

MotorHonda GX200 Gasoline 196cm3
Honda GX270 Gasoline 270cm3
Starting system:Electric
Engine power (kW-HP):4.3-5.8 @3600rpm
6.3-8.4 @3600rpm
Rubber track dimensions (mm):150x72x33
Carriage type:Fixed
Load capacity (Kg):500
Speed Km/h:2.1
Machine weight (Kg):260
Operator position:Off-board
Max gradient:20°
Electric startYES
Hour meterYES

The skip kit for the Stark 5 dumper was designed to move high loads in spaces and conditions inaccessible to the vehicles normally used on building construction and roadwork sites.
The rubber tracks make this vehicle just the right tool for moving any material in the toughest conditions as far as grip over surfaces like mud, snow, or loose ground, or for getting over uneven terrain. Equipped with hydraulic piston, the optional kit lets you completely unload the load in front in no time without the operator having to make any effort.

Farming Skip

The farming skip kit for the Stark 5 tracked dumper was designed to give the user both a resting surface and lots of space for the load.
You can use the surface to transport crates or anything bulky either with the sides open or removed.
When closed, the farming skip kit for Stark 5 gives you optimal space for the load.
Equipped with hydraulic piston, the kit lets you unload the material entirely in front very quickly.

Snow shovel

The Snow Shovel kit comes from the idea of using the outstanding tracks of the Stark 5 dumper under conditions where there is the least grip.
The Stark 5 snow shovel with shovel adjustable to different angles gets rid of the hassle of an unexpected snowfall with very little effort.
Equipped with rapid release, the optional kit lets you configure the machine in just a few minutes.

Wood carrying kit

The wood carrying kit completes the picture of materials that can be transported with Stark 5.
The outstanding load capacity together with Stark 5’s traction and compactness let you handle wood safely and rapidly in areas where often you can’t reach it with any other vehicle.
Stark 5’s tracks also let you move in the toughest conditions as far as grip over level surfaces or for getting over uneven terrain.
Lastly, complete with hydraulic piston, the kit lets you unload wood in no time, optimizing the work cycle.