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Stark 8

Stark 8 Minidumper

Maximum transport 800Kg

Stark 8 is a powerful multipurpose tracked transporter, both versatile and technological, designed and built with the aim to meet any and all job requirements to the fullest.

Stark 8’s strengths are:

  • Design meant to be functional through use of long-lasting, quality materials;
  • Strength and reliability;
  • Adaptability to any type of load or conditions;
  • Impressive performance and low management costs;
  • Option to equip the vehicle with motors fueled differently or with different powers;
  • Many different outfitting options and all-encompassing versatility;
  • Base with fixed or extendable tracks to gain greater stability under any conditions and optimal weight distribution;
  • Manually adjustable two-speed translation and foldable footboard for the operator working on the machine.

Thanks to employment of a rapid release system, Stark 8’s motorized base allows you to reset the machine by changing kit to adjust to different types of jobs.
Two different carriage widths, diesel or gas-powered motors, more space for the load, configurability, management costs reduced to a minimum.
Upon request you can get white tracks, extendable carriage, electric start, and an hour meter.

Motor1) - Honda GX390 Gasoline 389cm3
2) - Honda GX630 Gasoline 688cm3
Engine power (kW-HP):8.7-11.7 @3600rpm
15.5-20.8 @3600rpm
Starting system:Electric
Rubber track dimensions (mm):180x72x38
Carriage type:Fixed/extendable
Load capacity (Kg):800
Speed 1 / Speed 2 (Km/h):1.7/3.2
Machine weight (Kg):500
Operator position:On board
Max gradient:20°
White rubber tracksYES
Extendable CarriageYES
Electric startYES
Hour meterYES
Additional hydraulic connections5 on extendable, 6 on fixed version
Self-loading Skip with high self-loading

The self-loading skip kit for the Stark 8 tracked dumper was perfectly designed to move high loads in spaces inaccessible to regular motorized work vehicles.
Equipped with a series of hydraulic pistons, the kit lets you unload the load entirely in front, at different heights and in no time. No extra effort is required of the operator.
The kit comes with an automatic hydraulic loading system. A
spacious hydraulically-activated excavator bucket aids operations for loading loose material, thus optimizing the work cycles.

Farming Skip

The farming skip kit was designed to give the user both a resting surface and lots of space for the load.
You can use the surface to transport crates or anything bulky either with the sides open or removed. When closed, the farming skip kit for Stark 8 gives you optimal space for the load.
Equipped with hydraulic piston, the kit lets you unload the material entirely in front in no time.


The forklift kit is a must-have tool for those who need to lift and handle goods or to load and unload transportation vehicles.
Equipped with several hydraulic pistons, the kit allows for the same movements as a traditional forklift.
Complete with rapid release, the system lets you configure the vehicle in a few minutes, changing to another kit to adjust to a different type of function.


The chopper kit for Stark 8 is an outstanding accessory for farm or forestry work. The machine’s power and the sturdiness of the materials used to build it let you cut grass and shrubs easily, rapidly and safely.
You can choose different tilts for the kit so you can work at different heights and thus get different levels of finish.
The rubber tracks and extension of the machine’s carriage make the vehicle an ideal tool for moving over any terrain and slope.
The vehicle is not very wide, which in fact lets it move around in tight spaces and go between trees and hedges.

Snow Shovel

The Snow Shovel kit comes from the idea of using outstanding tracks and the remarkable power of the Stark 8 under conditions where there is the least grip.
The Stark 8 snow shovel gets rid of the hassle of an unexpected snowfall with very little effort. Equipped with rapid release, the kit lets you configure the machine in just a few minutes and being able to adjust the shovel to different tilts makes Stark 8 the ideal vehicle for making any road or square accessible in no time, restoring normal road conditions.