March 27, 2017


Availability and low maintenance needed;
Low weight of the undercarriage body and high load capacity;
Usage of Strenx SSAB steel;
Quality and accuracy of every constructive detail;
Short time for customization;


My inner Strenx is a quality program ensuring your product is optimized to be strong and light.
The sign is your guarantee that is a premium product made with Strenx performance steel and manufactured according SSAB’s design and material specifications.

All approved applications have a unique ID number which is traceable and can ensure its origin.

A sign of quality and premium ingredients gives you as user a significant higher value of the equipment used.

TOP 5 REASONS – We use Strenx performance steel

1- Built in performance: SSAB has steel customers working in the most demanding areas. Strenx performance steel is available in yield strengths between 600 and 1300 MPa (807-189 ksi) and 0,7 to 160 mm (22 gauge – 6 ¼) in thickness – an outstanding combination that saves weight in numerous applications.

2- The designer’s choice: design engineers can make the most of their experience and imagination when working with Strenx. With its wide choice of strength levels and thicknesses, extreme toughness even at low temperatures, and very high resistance to plastic Strenx is the perfect choice for new and innovative designs.

3- Consistent properties: Strenx performance steel is made with the cleanest possible and top-of- the-line process control. You get the same properties in each plate and in all plates of the same grade, making it a workshop favorite for cutting, bending, forming, machining and welding.

4- Guaranteed tolerances: Strenx performance steel comes with a groundbreaking set of guarantees for impact toughness, thickness, flatness and bending radius, enabling higher safety when designing and minimum risk for unexpected or sudden failures.

5- Brand value: Strenx performance steel is a SSAB brand that is recognized and highly valued all over the world. The international brand program, My inner Strenx, gathers together top manufactures that use Strenx to enhance their products and achieve a stronger market impact.