October 10, 2016



Costruzioni Meccaniche F.lli Antolini in Sant’Anna d’Alfaedo in the municipality of Verona boasts thirty years of experience in the metalworking industry.
The company is run by the Antolini family that has divided up the management of the different departments among its members.
Established in 1990, currently it stretches over an 11,000 m² surface area between the offices in Sant’Anna d’Alfaedo and Settimo di Pescantina, employing over 70 workers.

Even today, Officine Antolini boasts on an extremely avant-garde machine yard for performing all different kinds of jobs, both for itself and in outsourcing.
Specialized in the services of laser cutting, metal bending, certified TIG aluminum welding, CNC precision turning and special jobs like the production of telescopic arms.

At its two production establishments the company uses a total of 266 kW from entirely renewable sources, so that right from the very start the machines produced have a reduced environmental footprint.

As of the past few years, a special division designs and creates a wide range of tracked vehicles made to meet the demands of different industries, from construction to jobs in the field to earth movement to the transport of materials and vehicle handling.

The company particularly distinguishes itself for its use of ultra high-strength steel even in the more common applications to reduce the weight and thicknesses of the materials used, always guaranteeing safety and reliability of the machines;
In addition, a series of checks and extremely detailed procedures imposed by the ISO9001 standard display the rigor and constant quest for quality that are at the heart of the company.

Well aware of the strong competition of what has become a highly developed market, Costruzioni Meccaniche F.lli Antolini has decided to make itself a niche in the market, enhancing its custom production over standard products. The vast catalog of standard company machines is in fact joined by a large number of machines designed and developed to adapt ideally to complex customer requests thanks to the corporate flexibility and ability to reconfigure pursued from the start as a company philosophy.

The company’s 266kW photovoltaic system reduces the environmental footprint of each machine produced.