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CarTract 4R

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Cartract 4R

For moving vehicles up to 2.5 tons with a 3-m wheelbase

CarTract is a must-have tool for moving vehicles up to 2.5 tons with a 3-m wheelbase over flat surfaces like asphalt parking lots, warehouses, and body shops with cement or resin floors.

CarTract encapsulates technological innovation designed to allow for vehicle movement. Thanks to innovative technical solutions, this one-of-a-kind tool makes it possible to move vehicles that are stuck without having to tow them, but rather lifting them.

By taking advantage of a chassis that adjusts to the vehicle’s size and using the principle of movement through lifting, CarTract is suitable for vehicles that are stuck or for those who don’t have much space for storage and would like to move a car without starting it or getting into it.

Thanks to its electric motor, CarTract is perfect when you have to work in tight spaces and facilitates operations without requiring any effort of the operator.

CarTract Operation Principle

The principle of operation requires that the carriage slide below the vehicle to block the vehicle’s front or back wheels depending on the grasp with the hydraulic locking mechanism to then adjust the carriage so it positions itself under the next set of wheels.

When the vehicle is completely positioned under the car, a command is activated that lets you lift the vehicle 10 centimeters so that the wheels don’t touch the ground.

The vehicle lets you move forward, back, and go around curves effortlessly.

CarTract can remove stuck vehicles with four blocked wheels and adapts to all vehicle sizes from the Renault Twingo to the Audi Q7.

Why choose CARTRACT
  • Because it gets all light vehicles weighing up to 2.5 tons and a 3-m forward movement;
  • Because it lets you park one vehicle closer to another (closer than a driver);
  • It can cross small obstacles (door or portal thresholds);
  • Because it does not release exhaust and you can use it in a body shop or warehouse;
  • Because it’s really easy to use.
Weight600+550 Kg1322,77+1212,54 lbs
Load capacity2500 kg5511,55 lbs
Vehicle min-max wheelbase210-300 cm82,58-118,11 inches
Min-max wheel diameter500-750 mm19,68-29,53 inches
Max vehicle widt1800 mm70,87 inches
Speed without load with operator on board5,5 km/h3,42 mph
Speed with platform raised3 Km/h1,86 mph
Turning radius3m9,84 feet
Operator positionOn board - non on boardOn board - non on board
Voltage24 V24 V
Capacity240 Ah240 Ah
Charging timemin 6h - max 8hmin 6h - max 8h
Power1,7 Kw2,28 Hp
Traction wheel diameter250×80 mm9,84x3,15 inches
Wheels materialPolyurethanePolyurethane
TypeHydraulic levers distributorsHydraulic levers distributors
Max consumption5 litre/min1,32 gal/min
Oil tank volume6 litre1,59 gal